About Us

The Story Behind the Name:

The name Fingerprince actually refers to a frog. I am sure many of you know the original story of the princess and the frog where a beautiful princess must kiss an "ugly" frog in order to turn him back into a prince. The frog in the story books is always a true frog (bullfrog, leopard frog, etc.) that never looks happy. Instead, we picture that frog as a treefrog, small enough to perch on your finger, and smiling his contented smile. We like to call him, FingerPrince.


Mission Statement:

Fingerprince Prints Photography is dedicated to sharing the incredible biodiversity found within the United States. Our careers in conservation biology and our love of the outdoors have provided us with the opportunity to witness many of nature’s beauties. Much of our work features southeastern flora and fauna, as this is where we have spent much of our time recently; however, we also strive to represent other regions as they have just as much beauty to share. Unfortunately, many flora and fauna are becoming increasingly threatened by a number of incompatible trends, including increased development leading to habitat loss, higher road densities increasing wildlife mortality rates, and contaminated waters contributing to amphibian declines, just to name a few. We believe photography is a valuable medium for raising and generating awareness of the outstanding world around us that is in need of our help. In bringing you this website, we hope to richly illustrate some of the incredible biodiversity still found in the United States today, and we hope you will find this website to be more than just pretty pictures, but a positive source of information and inspiration as well.


Thank you for your interest,


Aubrey M. Heupel and Matt Greene